From Our Nannies & Domestics


S.R. – Ansonia, CT – 10/2018

Jayne placed me on a job that I was on for almost four years. Jayne is wonderful. She is kind and really cares for the nannies. She is very easy to work with. I am so happy I registered with Hometown Nannies.

A.R. – Derby, CT – 10/2018

HTN found me a good job when I needed one and I stayed for four years. (The family no longer needs a nanny.) I hope they find me another one.

K. – 11/2020

I must say it has been a pleasure working with Hometown Nannies. You placed me with a GREAT family that has now become my OWN family. Thank you so much.

J.P. – Danbury, CT – 7/2018

Hometown Nannies is a great company. I appreciated the job they placed me on. I was there for 6 years. I look forward to working with them again for a new job.

R.W. – 11/2020

Thank you for two great jobs in 10 years. I tell my friends to go to you.
Jayne and Lisa are the best.

M.B. -Darien, CT – 5/2017

Hometown Nannies is a wonderful agency! They found me a nanny job I was on for five years with four children. They are always there for the nannies.

M.H. – 11/2020

I came to HTN when I had to leave a job I was unhappy with and looking to work with children again. They lined me up with a few different families and at first we were unsure if I'd be able to find a suitable workplace because I had recently moved out of their district. The majority of the moms looking are in Westport, Greenwich, Fairfield areas and I had just moved to the Cheshire area. But, they did have 1 family in Hartford. They explained to me that they had been looking for this family for a while but because of location, it was a little difficult so I agreed to meet since it was closest to my home. They also explained that they are trying to expand to these areas to help more families and the nannies who are looking for work in other counties. They made the process very easy for me and continuously checked on me to see how I was doing and how it was going with the family. Unfortunately, I had to leave due to some life changes and needed to find work a little closer to home. All in all, if you are a nanny looking for work, they can definitely help you out; if you are a family looking for a nanny, be sure to read their terms and conditions, be detailed in exactly what you're looking for in a nanny and I can assure you that they will do their very best to suit your needs.

A.M.I – Norwalk, CT – 3/2017

Hometown Nannies found me my last nanny job; if every nanny could be as happy as I was for the past three years on my job they would be so lucky. I worked for a wonderful family which I am now part of.

A.A. – 10/2020

I was looking for a part-time job, and Hometown nannies were highly recommended by a family member. I am so happy With them! They are professional, encouraging and caring. I have found the best family to work with.

J.C. – 9/2016

Hi Jayne!!! That is really good news! Thank you so much for helping and trusting me. I am a hardworking person and you and the family will not be disappointed in me.

A.R. – 2/2020

Hometown Nannies is an amazing agency! I started out with them a while back and I can honestly say they have placed me with the best families I've worked for in my long career. They were thorough with the interview process, and they didn't make me feel like I was just anybody. I am still in contact with the families and we have such a great relationship. It was like they knew what family to place me with. They didn't just throw any family at me, nor me with them. They value their clients AND their nannies, which is RARE! If you're looking for care, or a client, Hometown Nannies is definitely where you want to find the perfect match!!

J.C. – Port Chester, NY – 11/2019

Hometown Nannies of Westport is an agency that deals with all types of Caregiving, such as Companion Care, Child Care, and Housekeeping, just to mention a few.

C.G. – 10/2019

I really recommend Hometown Nannies Agency is a good, fast and trustful work agency that helps you find a job on your needs and the families needs. I found a job in a month, thank you Jayne I'm so happy I heard about you.

Y.D. – Fairfield, CT – 6/2018

I found a great job with an amazing family through Hometown Nannies. Jayne is super nice. She really cares about the nannies. Anyone who comes to this agency can find a great job.(@7 years on her job!)

A.G. – 4/2018

My experience with Hometownnannies has been nothing but amazing. Jayne and Lisa kept me informed by emails and phone calls about the jobs and they are really professional throughout the whole process. I am thrilled with my new position. I recommend them to any nanny or family. Thank you very much!

Unnamed – 11/2017

I am eternally grateful for Jayne of Hometown Nannies. After obtaining a degree as well as multiple certifications, I found my true passion in life is helping to mold the lives and help raise children. I've babysat since I was 12, nannied all throughout college and after that as well. I've worked with other agencies, as well as websites such as Care.com and the like. Almost one year ago, I showed up to the HTN headquarters where Jayne took the time to get to know me and my character. I appreciated this because it let me rest assured that she wouldn't let me down in finding me my perfect match.
Here I am a couple weeks shy of my first meeting with my family one year ago, and I can honestly say I've never been happier. This family is everything I wanted and more. Thank you again, so much Jayne.

M.V. – Fairfield, CT – 8/2019

I am so happy to be back with Hometown Nannies after 13 years on a job (with 5 children, including 2 sets of twins.) This was a great job that HTN placed me on. I am excited for them to find me my next family.

J.B. – Norwalk, CT – 8/2019

Btw, it's like this job was specifically made for me! I'm super happy! Thanks again!

P.C. – 6/2019

Lisa thank you for all your help, I know I'm going to be happy working with them

J.C. – Danbury, CT – 12/2018

Jayne placed me with a family whom I stayed with for 11 years. To me it is more than just a job, I am with a family. Jayne is able to make great matches. I have been so happy with HTN. It has been a great experience.

P.G. – 8/2015

Hometown Nannies and owner Jayne E. have made it possible for me to become the professional career Nanny I am destined to be. I am forever grateful for her assistance in helping me find the perfect families to work for and in turn I have become a better person for the experiences gained.

P.C. – 8/2015

Hometown Nannies is extremely professional and looks out for the best interest of their nannies and families

L.P. – Weston, CT – 8/2015

I love my job. I am so happy. Thank you HTN so much for finding me this job.

S.M. – 8/2015

My experience with Hometown Nannies has been wonderful. I was placed on a job with a loving family which I stayed on for seven years. I highly recommend them

F.B. – 7/2015

I am very pleased with Hometown Nannies. They matched me with a family whom I stayed with for 9 years! I really enjoyed my job.

S. – 6/2015

Ten years ago Hometown Nannies got me a great live-in nanny job in Southport, CT. I eventually moved with the family to Florida. It has been my best year ever.

F. – 9/2016

Thank you very much for helping me find this job. They seem like a good family.

P.C. – White Plains, NY  – 6/2015

The best agency in town. I have a very good job and I'm working with a nice and sweet family.

M.O.G.- 8/2016

I am very happy with Hometown Nannies. They placed me on a job that lasted seven years.

R.J. – Stamford, CT – 4/2015

I really like Jayne...She is a great match maker. She takes the time to understand what you are looking for in a job.

A.C.G. – Rowayton, CT – 8/2016

I feel so supported by you guys and I am sure a lot of nannies do. Thanks for the amazing job you do.

Z.K. – Bridgeport, CT – 4/2015

Jayne is amazing and I have been so happy working with Hometown Nannies

D.L. – 8/2016

Hi I just want to thank you for always helping me get great jobs.

M.H. – 4/2015

Hometown nannies inc has been the best agency I have ever worked with!! They are super professional and they are really set out to help you find what you're looking for. 

O.C. – Stamford, CT – 8/2016

I very much appreciate Hometown Nannies and what they did to find me a job. I was on the job for three years. The process was very easy and they are very respectful.

S.A. – Danbury, CT – 6/2016

The first time I met Jayne was eight years ago. Since that date, I have been placed with two wonderful families by Hometown Nannies. Working with Hometown Nannies has been a blessing to me!

A.B. – Stratford, CT – 5/2016

I used Hometown Nannies to help me find the perfect job. I had a fantastic time with the family I was placed with. I recommend the agency to my friends.

C.M.- Bridgeport, CT – 1/2016

Jayne (Hometown Nannies) found me the best family whom I stayed with for 6 years.

M.A. – Danbury, CT – 1/2016

I am very happy with Hometown Nannies. Jayne is very nice and found me a great job. I recommend my friends to her.

A.T. – 9/2015

I tell my nanny friends, just go to Jayne she will find you what you want.

B.S. – 6/2014

My happiest day was when I left the corporate world and walked into the office of Hometown Nannies.  With Jayne's help I got a great job with a wonderful family that I stayed with for 13 years. The children became my second set of grandchildren because I was with them since they were born. They are all grown now, but I see them as much as I can. Thank you for helping make the past 13 years such a wonderful experience!

A.C. – Stamford, CT – 6/2014

I am so happy HTN found me a job with this really nice family. I am very comfortable here. 

A.C. – Stamford, CT – 6/2014

I have been working for the family HTN placed me with almost two years ago. I love the kids so much, they are friendly, and very polite. I love this family! Every day I thank God that I am working for this family. I am so thankful I went to HTN. I am very happy!  

A.J.L.S. – 12/2014

I love my job. Hometown Nannies did a super job at helping me find a job that is perfect for me. I could not be happier.

T.M. – 10/2014

I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me again. It's obvious that you care about the families and childcare providers & it's very reassuring to know I have a great agency helping me look for a position.  

L.J. – 10/2014

I would very much recommend Hometown nannies to both nannies and parents. Jayne helped me find my current position which was a great match for me. I'm very thankful for their help.

L. – 9/2013

I have known Jayne since her first agency, Malibu Mamas in California, over 25 years ago. She has helped me find several wonderful jobs over the years. Thank you Jayne.

L. – Greenwich, CT – 9/2013

I'm happy to apply to Hometown Nannies because they are able to find me a job so quickly and with nice families. Thanks for everything.

A.M. – 8/2013

Hello!  The job is going great.  The family is very kind and generous.  The boy I'm caring for is really sweet, so I am happy working for them!   Thanks for matching us up.

G.S. – 4/2013

Thank YOU for your professionalism!


From Our Clients


E.R. – New Canaan. CT – 3/2021

Hometown Nannies is a highly trustworthy agency who presents and represents the best in home support.

K.C. – New Canaan, CT – 3/2021

Hometown Nannies provided the most qualified, exceptional nanny who became part of our family forever. She was with us for 5 years until be moved out of state. We miss her dearly.

P.P. – Greenwich, CT – 11/2020

Jayne immediately understood our unique needs and quickly identified a few excellent options.  It was a difficult choice but the person who became our child's nanny is extraordinary.  And she was the one Jayne said from the beginning was the right fit.  Jayne clearly knows what she's doing, and we are very grateful for that.

K.G. – 11/2020

I have known Hometown Nannies for 5 years and I can tell you that Jayne is a stand up woman, a non nonsense woman who plays by the rules; she is a mom, she is decent and follows through as all agencies should. Every chance I get, I advise my clients about Jayne Ehrlich (Hometown) because she is really awesome. You have a great agency in Jayne, I know that she will send you only people that she has checked out thoroughly.

E.R. – 11/2020

Our nanny provided a stable, secure warm environment for my girls over the past nine years. She has been everything to us. We will miss her greatly. Thank you Hometown Nannies for this wonderful lady!

R.W. – 11/2020

My wife and I are happy to write a review. We found our baby nurse from you guys and she helped us learn so much about newborns. We recommend you to our friends. Thank you. We now have a happy two year old.

J.S. – 11/2020

We moved here from Boston, then our nanny defected. Hometown Nannies was amazing and so is our new nanny. Highly recommended. They really knew what we needed in a nanny.

J.W. – 11/2020

My family moved from New York and left behind a nanny we had for 5 years. We never thought we'd find another nanny we liked as much. Hometown Nannies listened to our needs and came through. Very professional and easy to work with.

M.Z. – 3/2018

Everything seems to be going well!  L. is unbelievably amazing and a sweetheart.  She fits in perfectly and I think is really happy.

S.M.Z. – 8/2017

The candidates we saw from Hometown Nannies were head and shoulders above the competition.

J. S. – Bedford Hills, N.Y. – 8/2019

HTN sent us several nannies to interview until we found the right fit. She met our family's unique needs and the process was seamless.

B.E. – Southport, CT – 1/2019

I do not know how we did it before J -- thank you :). Hope you are well.

D.G. – 10/2018

W. is GREAT - super happy.  THANK YOU!

J.B. – Westport, CT – 10/2018

Hometown Nannies understood and met our requirements with just one interview. Our family manager/nanny has been with our family for over 15 years and we cannot be more grateful.

S.G. – Ridgefield, CT – 5/2017

E. (baby nurse) and M. (nanny) were wonderful.

J.W. – 4/2017

Who knew hiring someone could be so easy? Jayne saved me a major headache and a ton of time by sending me resumes of qualified reliable candidates and set up interviews for me when I was looking for a housekeeper. She found me a very reliable, hard-working and kind-hearted housekeeper within just a few days. So glad I put this in expert hands instead of continuing to waste my time trying to find someone through one of the web sites out there. Jayne and her staff are incredibly helpful and excellent at what they do. So glad I called!

K.L.A. – New Canaan, CT – 3/2017

The nanny I found through Hometown Nannies was truly amazing and is now part of our family. If it was not for this nanny,  I am not sure if I would have been able to go back to work.

A.H. – 10/2016

Hometown found me my baby nurse for my third child. Wish I had known about them when I had my first. This gal was by far the best of the three I employed and we wound up keeping her for 5 months. I have since hired a nanny through them. Great agency -- really listened to my needs.

S.K. – 11/2020

Excellent nanny candidates. Very friendly service.

K.Q. – 12/2016

She's amazing, we just love her, it seems like the perfect fit. I want to hug you so hard right now! ?? 

R.L. – 11/2020

Great staff, very professional and found us a wonderful nanny - Thanks HTN! ??

R.G. – 10/2016

We are over the moon with our new nanny. Our son has adored her from day one and she has truly changed our lives. Hiring her is the best thing we ever did. Thank you to Hometown Nannies!

C.H. – 9/2020

You have been wonderful to work with and I see why you come so highly recommended. I really felt you understood what we needed and appreciate all the hard work you have put into our search. I look forward to working with you again in the future. 

M.S. – Norwalk, CT – 9/2016

Hometown Nannies did a great job. As a mother of four it was nice to find an agency in the community that looked out for us and was able to find us a nanny who is now a family member.

M.M. – 9/2020

Jayne and Hometown Nannies were thoughtful, diligent, and deeply considerate of our particular wants and needs in bringing what amounts to a family member into our home.  We asked a lot, and every caregiver candidate we saw was wonderful for different reasons.  In the end we got an amazing fit for our family - and it was the result of Jayne's tireless work on our behalf. 

C.M. – 1/2015

M. was simply perfect. If I could win the lottery and employ her forever, I would.

A.S. – 10/2018

Hometown Nannies found me my last two home care providers. They have been incredible and two of my favorites. It has been great working with Hometown Nannies.

M.W. – Fairfield, CT – 10/2018

We hired a nanny and found a friend for life. She will be forever in my children's lives. Thanks to Hometown Nannies.

L.C. – 8/2015

i can't thank you enough for finding us P.!

K.C. – 8/2013

All is perfect! M. is the BEST and part of the family. We love her so much. 

E.R. – Ridgefield, CT  – 8/2015

Our nanny provided a stable, secure warm environment for my girls over the past nine years. She has been everything to us. We will miss her greatly. Thank you Hometown Nannies for this wonderful lady.

J.M. – 4/2013

M. is working out beautifully!  We are very happy with her. 

A.T. – Westport, CT – 4/2015

You found the perfect nanny and it lasted nine years

K.M. – 4/2015

L. has been with us nearly 2 years and she is part of the family!! 

L.E. – 12/2014

As you know, we hired J.R. back in September (her legal name is M., but she's J.) Anyway - she is nothing short of amazing. She is everything I wanted and needed in a caregiver, and she is by far the best nanny I have ever had.. even better than the one in the city to whom I previously compared everyone. I hope she stays with us for a long, long time. Thank you for your patience with me throughout the search process, I could not be more thrilled that it led us to J. She is the real deal.

M.S. – Winter Park, FL  – 10/2014

HTN gave us a head start in life with our kids, finding us the perfect nanny when we needed the perfect nanny. Client since 2003 with triplets. 

J.B.B. – 10/2014

We enjoyed meeting all three candidates yesterday....they were all extremely professional, kind, warm and very qualified individuals. You really outdid yourself!!! As always, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and we appreciate all of the time, energy and effort that you put into helping us with our search. I will also continue to refer others to your agency that I know that are looking for the high-end nannies and service that your firm provides. Please feel free to use the reference below:

J.W. – 10/2014

J. has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we will truly miss her when she finishes up her stay in early November. 

J.H. – 10/2014

I've just recently had occasion to use Hometown Nannies services to find help with my three-year-old son. I have used other agencies in the past but Hometown Nannies was so highly recommended by a friend who'd been in a similar bind (motherhood and a return to career…). I am very impressed with the care and quality of their work. Everything is working out very nicely, the follow up has been great and I feel confident in recommending them too

T.S. – 10/2014

If I could give Hometown Nannies ten stars I would. Working with them was a dream.
The personnel they represent are vetted and the cream of the crop. Jayne took such interest in my situation and didn't waste my time with inappropriate candidates. Finding a nanny was a task I had dreaded but Jayne made it feel so easy...and the outcome has been fantastic. Would that everything in life were so humane and professional.

N.R.O.D. – 8/2014

Hi Jayne - R. is wonderful and I am very pleased. It's pretty boring right now for her without school being in session, but I suspect things will pick up next week. Thanks.

C.H-G. – 8/2014

We are over the moon with our new nanny. Our son has adored her from day one and she has truly changed our lives. Hiring her is the best thing we ever did. Thank you to hometown nannies!

G.E. – 6/2014

Hometown Nannies was able to find a perfect fit for my family and our lives and someone who could grow with us. She was with us for between 12 and 13 years. In her next job our nanny deserves the best, the best, and more of the best!

S.E. – 3/2014

Now I can see why it is so easy to recommend your service!!  Thank you!!!  

H.C. – 12/2015

You are most welcome. I actually had a request from a friend today again, so you have another one coming your way. I think you provide a great service and I was so appreciative of you understanding our needs. 

K.C. – 11/2013

Thank you for finding us the perfect match for our family! We couldn't be more in love with our nanny and she is truly a member of our family now…She is irreplaceable!

J.L. – 10/2015

Thanks for making my nanny search easy!

K.M. – 10/2013

We can't thank you enough for bringing L. into our lives. She is truly a gem and takes such wonderful care of our little girl, our doggy and our home. She has been with us 4 months and is already part of the family. We are forever grateful to Jayne and Hometown Nannies! 

R.E. & V.M. – 11/2011


C.K. – Darien, CT – 10/2011

She is wonderful so far! I finally got a good night's sleep! 

Y.T. – 3/2013

Hey Jayne - Thanks for sending me great candidates (as always).  

S.L. – 10/2011

THANKS - She is great!!!

S.G. – 7/2012

Everything is going great. M. is wonderful and we could not be happier! Thank you so much for your help!

C.S. – Westport, CT – 9/2011

Hi Jayne - everything is going well with 'S'. 'A' really likes her as do we. Thanks for checking in and for providing the 3rd reference.

S.C. – Newtown, CT – 6/2012

Hi Jayne,
I want to thank you again for L. ..... she is such a blessing to our family. I don't know where the woman gets the energy, but she is amazing. She is so wonderful with the girls, I couldn't be happier. Agreed, L.. ... is a complete gem! I am most grateful for all she does for us.

TAKIHYO, LLC – 4/2011

You guys are the BEST!!

C. – 6/2012

Thanks for finding us such a great baby nurse!


Hometown Nannnies would like to assure their clients & candidates that we are still operating as normal during this time. As always, HTN continues to use advanced recruitment & interviewing technologies which engages candidates via video conferencing when we are not able to meet in person. The number one priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees & clients.