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T hank you for your interest in Hometown Nannies+. Our caring and well-informed staff have placed thousands of domestic employees in entertainment industry, corporate, professional, creative and other family households since 1988.

Start your search today by filling out the FAMILY APPLICATION, which includes a one-time $295.00 application fee. This is payable by Venmo (our handle is @HometownNannies-LLC) or by check.

We screen our applicants with the following criteria in mind:

  • Applicants must have legal status and must speak fluent English.
  • Applicants must be high school graduates. Applicants also may have an AA, BA, MA degree, some college and/or a certification.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of three years of full-time experience in their job fields.
  • Applicants must provide at least two pieces of identification including: proof of permission to work and a valid driver’s license.
  • Applicants must be intelligent, articulate, punctual, reliable, well-groomed, and exhibit good common sense.
  • Applicants must have at least one personal interview, three excellent recent references, and a clean driving record.
  • Applicants for childcare positions must be familiar with the developmental needs of children.
  • Applicants must receive CPR certification within 30 days of placement, if not already certified and current.

In addition, most of our candidates are bilingual and many are proficient swimmers.

Hometown Nannies+ outsources a 5-step background check which includes a National & Local criminal history, Social Security verification, Sex Offender Database, and DMV reports. Additional checks are available for a fee.

We look forward to working with you. Please complete our FAMILY APPLICATION to get started today!


C.S.- Stamford, CT

The staff at Hometown Nannies+ is nice and professional.

J. S. – Bedford Hills, N.Y.

HTN sent us several nannies to interview until we found the right fit. She met our family's unique needs and the process was seamless.

M.V. – Nanny, Norwalk, CT

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for finding me the best family to work for. I love the baby and the family is so kind. I love working with Hometown Nannies.

J.B. – Nanny, Norwalk, CT

Btw, it's like this job was specifically made for me! I'm super happy! Thanks again!

C.S. – Fairfield, CT

Really lucky to find C., would call Hometown Nannies again!

M.C. – Norwalk, CT

Hometown Nannies+ has become a high priority in my life. I applied for a nanny job with them 10 years ago. I met the E. family who have become a part of my family now too, and I have been with them for 8 ½ years. Watching their children from toddlers, growing to teenagers. I am very thankful for Hometown Nannies. They have kept in touch with both myself and with the E. family, giving me updates and feedback left by the E. family. I have recommended friends who are also happy and very satisfied. I recommend Hometown Nannies to any person who is looking for a nanny job! Thank you Jayne for your unconditional support that you have provided me!!


I have known Hometown Nannies for 5 years and I can tell you that Jayne is a stand up woman, a non nonsense woman who plays by the rules; she is a mom, she is decent and follows through as all agencies should. Every chance I get, I advise my clients about Jayne Ehrlich (Hometown) because she is really awesome. You have a great agency in Jayne, I know that she will send you only people that she has checked out thoroughly.

E.R. – Ridgefield, CT

Our nanny provided a stable, secure warm environment for my girls over the past nine years. She has been everything to us. We will miss her greatly. Thank you Hometown Nannies for this wonderful lady.

A.T. – Nanny, Norwalk, CT

I tell my nanny friends, just go to Jayne she will find you what you want.

L.C.- Westport, CT

Still to this day I am forever grateful to you for finding us 'P', who is still with us!Can you believe it? It was a match made in heaven, thanks to you. I can't thank you enough for finding us P.! We have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

K.M. – Bridgeport, CT

Jayne - It was so nice to finally meet you. I must say it has been a pleasure working with Hometown Nannies. You placed me with a GREAT family that has now become my OWN family. Thank you so much.

K.C. – New Canaan, CT

Hometown Nannies provided the most qualified, exceptional nanny who became part of our family forever. She was with us for 5 years until be moved out of state. We miss her dearly.

J.C. – Household Manager, Danbury, CT

Jayne placed me with a family whom I stayed with for 11 years. To me it is more than just a job, I am with a family. Jayne is able to make great matches. I have been so happy with HTN. It has been a great experience.

C.S. – Westport, CT

Hi Jayne - everything is going well with 'S'. 'A' really likes her as do we. Thanks for checking in and for providing the 3rd reference.

S.M. – Nanny, Trumbull, CT

My experience with Hometown Nannies has been wonderful. I was placed on a job with a loving family which I stayed on for seven years. I highly recommend them

Basic Questions for Childcare Workers:

  1. For how long have you worked as a nanny?
  2. Why did you choose to become a nanny?
  3. What ages were the children with whom you’ve worked?
  4. Describe your last childcare experience and why it ended.
  5. Please describe your longest nanny job. Why did it work so well?
  6. What was a typical day in most of your previous nanny jobs?
  7. What do you find to be the most challenging (or interesting) part of working with children? What do children most like about you?
  8. (If applicable) Do you have any special needs experience?
  9. Have you ever taken CPR? Are you planning to? Do you know how to swim?
  10. Give examples of situations in which you had to discipline children in your care. Would you be agreeable to accepting and enforcing our methods of discipline if different?
  11. Are you willing, agreeable and able to follow our parents’ guidelines and philosophy on raising our children?
  12. What are the biggest safety issues you’ve encountered as a nanny?
  13. Have you ever had to handle an accident or emergency? If so, what action did you take?
  14. What is your experience/philosophy regarding children’s TV and/or computer time?
  15. What are your favorite children’s books? TV shows? Movies?
  16. Have you taken any childcare classes? Do you speak another language? Play an instrument? Sing? Are you currently enrolled in college/graduate school and/or do you plan to do so?
  17. Can you cook healthy meals and provide healthy snacks for children? How have you coped with children who are picky eaters? What meals or snacks have you prepared for children?
  18. Tell me about your childhood and your current relationship with your family.
  19. Do you have any health problems/allergies?
  20. What do you like to do in your free time?
  21. How do you think your closest friends would describe you and your personality?
  22. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  23. On a scale of 1- 10, how would you rate your organizational skills? Patience?
  24. What are the usual ways in which you communicate with the parents of the children for whom you are caring?
  25. How is your driving record? Please elaborate.
  26. Would you consider using your own car on a job, if reimbursed for usage/mileage?
  27. What days/hours do you usually (or want to) work as a live in or live out nanny?
  28. If one or both parents were late on occasion would you be able/willing to stay?
  29. Are you available on an occasional basis for later nights or weekends if needed?
  30. Are you available to travel occasionally?
  31. What tasks or chores, in addition to childcare have you and would you perform on a nanny job? Will you do light housekeeping? Will you work with pets?
  32. What about this job appeals to you? Do you have any questions or concerns?

Salary and Benefits:

  1. What is your requested salary range?
  2. What vacation do you normally take-both paid and unpaid?
  3. What other benefits have you had in previous jobs?

For children from birth to 2 years, consider the following questions:

  1. How do you handle a crying baby?
  2. What do you see as your primary responsibility to a child this age?
  3. What activities would you engage in with a child this age?
  4. What role you do believe a nanny can play in language development?
  5. What do you like best about working with infants? Toddlers?

For 2-3 year olds, consider the following questions:

  1. What types of indoor and outdoor activities have you engaged in with children this age?
  2. What role does interaction with other toddlers have in a child’s day?
  3. What types of educational activities would you engage a child this age in?
  4. How have you prepared and introduced healthy foods to children this age?
  5. What would you do to encourage a fussy eater? How do you feel about sweets?
  6. How would you handle a temper tantrum in a grocery store? In our home?
  7. How do you feel toilet training should be approached?
  8. How would you handle a cranky toddler who needs a nap but doesn’t want to stop playing?
  9. What do you like best about this age group?

For 3-10 year olds, consider the following questions:

  1. How would you help prepare a child for a day at pre-school/kindergarten/grade school?
  2. Are you willing to supervise play time with other children in our home and/or take our child to gymnastics/activity groups, which may or may not require your active participation?
  3. What are your feelings about outdoor play without direct supervision (i.e., the child is outside and the caregiver is in the house with a younger child)?
  4. What methods of limit setting or discipline do you find effective for these ages?
  5. What talks/chores/errands are you willing to do while a child is at school?
  6. Are you willing to supervise friends of our child who are invited to our home while you are in charge?
  7. What computers software/movies/video games, television shows/books do you find viable? Why?
  8. Are you comfortable reviewing and assisting with homework? Up to what grade level?
  9. What would you do if a child told you he/she was being bullied at school? On the bus?
  10. How important is it for you to communicate important events with parents? Do you do so daily? Weekly?

For Pre-Teens and Teens, consider the following questions:

  1. Have you worked with the age group previously? What issues or problems, if any, have you encountered? How did you resolve them?
  2. What would you do if a child confided in you that he/she was doing something against the rules and asked you not to tell his/her parents?
  3. If an older child were rude to you, how would you address the issue?
  4. How would you help motivate a child who didn’t want to start his/her homework?
  5. Why do you believe that you are well-suited to work with this age group?
  6. What do you see as your role with helping a teenager (or child of any age) develop a positive self-image?
  7. How much supervision do you believe children 10 and older should have?

5 Reasons to Call Hometown Nannies Plus:

  1. We are the most ethical, diligent and empathetic home staffing agency you will find.
  2. We have thousands of successful placements under our belts and we understand that each search is unique and essential to the continuity of your family’s busy lifestyle.
  3. We provide speedy, efficacious, and courteous service along with complete confidentiality.
  4. We have compiled a huge database, originated in 1988 and updated daily.
  5. We like a good challenge and do our utmost to make even the most complex job search a pleasing experience.

Hometown Nannies Plus offers support/referrals for:

  • Special needs children
  • Effective communications & mediation
  • Household employee payroll taxes
  • Affordable nanny health insurance
  • Prototypes of employee/employer agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements.

Named W Magazine “Best USA Agency,” 1998 Little Book of Bests

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Named Best of the Gold Coast Magazine “Best Nanny Agency,” Westport/Weston, 2014-2017







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“Thank you again for all of your help, hard work and due diligence. You are in a class by yourself.”

– Family of Fairfield, CT

Named W Magazine "Best USA Agency," 1998 Little Book of Bests

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Named Best of the Gold Coast Magazine "Best Nanny Agency," Westport/Weston, 2014-2017


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