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Providing Quality Baby Nurses for the Care of Your Newborn Baby
As working Mothers, we take our responsibility very seriously. We screen our Baby Nurses thoroughly and we have had excellent success over the past 27+ years.

What Is A Baby Nurse?
Baby Nurses are women who have been trained to care properly for infants/newborns; they are also known as Newborn or Infant Care Specialists. They come to your home once the newborn has been released from the hospital to love, provide proper care and to assist Moms and Dads with the daily care of their newborn baby.

Baby Nurses generally work 24 or 12-hour shifts. (Note: A three-hour break must be provided.) Your Baby Nurse gets her rest while your baby sleeps. Our Baby Nurses work closely with new Parents and, when asked, will share their knowledge with first time parents or parents who may have more than one child but lack experience in certain areas. If a new parent needs guidance or instruction, the Baby Nurse will offer assistance.

Our Baby Nurses are highly experienced, have excellent references and enjoy working closely with parents, especially new parents, who need help in establishing certain routines. They are all Infant CPR and First Aid certified.

Job Duties

  • Providing gentle and proper care and safety for the newborn
  • Being compassionate and patient with the newborn and the family
  • Providing TLC to Moms during the post-delivery period
  • Taking the newborn to Mom for her to breastfeed
  • Preparing Bottled Milk (Breast Milk or Formula)
  • Feeding the newborn if and when the situation calls for it
  • Washing and Sterilizing Bottles
  • Umbilical cord care/Circumcision/Bris care for boys
  • Bathing the newborn
  • Entertaining the newborn
  • Working towards a schedule for sleeping and feedings
  • Keeping a daily log of the newborn’s schedules and progress
  • Cleaning the newborn’s room
  • Keeping the newborn’s room tidy
  • Taking care of all newborn laundry
  • Restocking all items for the newborn
  • Changing bedding
  • Changing the newborn’s changing table covers when soiled
  • Emptying, cleaning and changing diaper containers when used
  • Though our Baby Nurses do not clean, nor cook, they are not beyond helping out, within reason, in some areas when needed or asked.

It goes without saying that the predominant role of a Baby Nurse is to provide optimum care for the newborn during the post-delivery recovery period. As soon as the newborn arrives at your home, the Baby Nurse takes over and cares for the newborn most of the time, allowing Mom to get her proper rest and to get her strength back.

Are Baby Nurses Medical Nurses?
The answer is NO. Baby Nurses are not medical nurses; our Baby Nurses are women who have been trained to care for the newborn baby.

Why Hire a Baby Nurse?
Having a Baby Nurse in America is no longer simply a luxury; in many cases it has become a necessity. Extended families are scattered and busy. A Baby Nurse can ensure that new parents get proper rest in order to bond with their new baby and to return to their daily routine. Our Baby Nurses will provide top-quality care for you and your baby during his/her first few weeks or months of life and enable you to rest after delivery.

Depending on the length of stay of your Baby Nurses, she can work towards training your newborn to sleep through the night.

We encourage all Parents and Baby Nurses to stay in touch with the agency during this time. Hometown Nannies+ will also be in close contact with the Parents and Baby Nurse
to ensure that all is running smoothly and that everyone is happy.

Some parents opt for their Baby Nurse to meet them at the hospital to help take the newborn home. More often, parents prefer to have their Baby Nurse meet them at their home. Some clients choose to have their Baby Nurse come to their home one to two days before mother and baby arrive in order to get the nursery/home stocked with the appropriate supplies. Once the baby arrives, your Baby Nurse will work with you to establish your expectations and routine.

Hiring a Baby Nurse means more rest for the new mother, quicker recovery time and some quiet time to spend alone with Dad.

When Should I Reserve My Dates For a Baby Nurse?
As early as possible. Top Baby Nurses are in demand anywhere from five to six months in advance, sometimes even longer. As delivery time nears, we encourage Parents and Baby Nurses to be in close contact with each other. You can inform your Baby Nurse of the progress of each check up and relay what your OB is saying so your Baby Nurse can monitor your progress, too.

How long should I keep my Baby Nurse?
The duration of the Baby Nurse’s time in your home will be your decision. We suggest a minimum of 2 weeks in order for you and your baby to receive the optimum benefit of newborn care. Each assignment is different, but Baby Nurses can be on one job anywhere from two weeks to a year depending on the Family’s needs.

What are the daily fees of our Baby Nurses?
Please contact us for more information (families are asked to reimburse for travel expenses).

What if our baby has special needs or is on a monitor?
We will find a Baby Nurse who is experienced with special needs and/or has knowledge of caring for newborns on monitors.

How do I go about retaining the services of a Baby Nurse?
Baby Nurses generally do not go on interviews when working through agencies. Phone interviews are more common. However, our agency encourages interviews between Clients and Baby Nurses, providing the assignment is nearby. Once you have chosen your Baby Nurse, you are responsible for the agency fee. When the baby nurse arrives at your home, she is paid for the first week. From then on, she may choose to be paid weekly or at the end of the assignment. Each baby nurse works differently. Out of state residents may prefer to be paid in cash instead of waiting for their checks to clear.

Responsibilities of the Clients
There is a two-week minimum for Baby Nurse services.
Most of our Baby Nurses live in New York City, Westchester, or in So. Connecticut. However, some come from places as far away as Paris.

The Client is monetarily responsible for the round-trip transportation to and
from his/her home. (Clients may choose to utilize their “Frequent Flyer” miles for this purpose.)

The Client will provide either a separate room for the Baby Nurse or the Baby Nurse will sleep in the newborn’s room. However, Clients must provide privacy for the Baby Nurse, even if she is sleeping in the newborn’s room. A knock on the door prior to entering the nursery is courteous.

We acknowledge the cameras present in certain homes but we ask that clients respect the Baby Nurse’s privacy.

The client will provide all meals and beverages during the Baby Nurse’s stay in his/her home.

Baby Nurses are human beings and need to get the proper rest in order to function freshly on a daily basis. Allow your Baby Nurse to have at least three hours off daily. The Baby Nurse will decide if she wants to take it all at once or if she wants to split this time. Most Baby Nurses take it all at one time.


We will do our utmost to find you that “special” Baby Nurse!

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  4. We have compiled a huge database, originated in 1988 and updated daily.
  5. We like a good challenge and do our utmost to make even the most complex job search a pleasing experience.

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Named W Magazine "Best USA Agency," 1998 Little Book of Bests

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Named Best of the Gold Coast Magazine "Best Nanny Agency," Westport/Weston, 2014-2017


Serving the Tri-State area locally; New England, including Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, regionally; New York to L.A. nationally; and Europe, Asia, Australia and The Middle East internationally.