Prior to founding malibu mamas in 1988 and Hometown Nannies+ in 1992, Jayne Ehrlich was a teacher, a counselor and a writer. She is a member of the Writers Guild of America west. She graduated from the Bronx School of Science in New York University, has a degree in English from New York university, and has a Masters in counseling from Goddard College.

As an educator and mother, Jayne knows that each family has very specific domestic needs. She seeks candidates she herself would hire. Requirements for domestic applicants are stringent, screening is thorough, and each applicant meets with Jayne — usually more than once. Client families receive a comprehensive file on each domestic candidate and two interviews are advised.

Over the past 27 years, Hometown Nannies+ has placed thousands of world-class baby nurses, nannies, governesses, housekeepers, couples, cooks, valets, household and estate managers, companions and cnas, personal assistants, and more. Hometown Nannies excels in the placement of special-needs nannies.

Although her client list is confidential, Jayne reveals that three of her first jobs were to find: party staff for the late Frank Sinatra; an upstairs maid for the late Miss (Anne) Bancroft; and an Italian-speaking, baseball-playing manny for the family of a major movie star. “And that was just the beginning.” she notes.

Jayne’s 27 years of recruiting experience, screening expertise, thoroughness, and boutique service have ensured successful staffing for the most discerning homes, both locally and globally.

Five reasons to call us:

  1. We are the most ethical, diligent and empathetic home staffing agency you will find.
  2. We have thousands of successful placements under our belts and we understand that each search is unique and essential to the continuity of your family’s busy lifestyle.
  3. We provide speedy, efficacious, and courteous service along with complete confidentiality.
  4. We have compiled a huge database, originated in 1988 and updated daily.
  5. We like a good challenge and do our utmost to make even the most complex job search a pleasing experience.

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