From Our Nannies & Domestics


F.B. – 7/2015

I am very pleased with Hometown Nannies. They matched me with a family whom I stayed with for 9 years! I really enjoyed my job.

L.J. – 10/2014

I would very much recommend Hometown nannies to both nannies and parents. Jayne helped me find my current position which was a great match for me. I'm very thankful for their help.

L. – 9/2013

I have known Jayne since her first agency, Malibu Mamas in California, over 25 years ago. She has helped me find several wonderful jobs over the years. Thank you Jayne.

L. – Greenwich, CT – 9/2013

I'm happy to apply to Hometown Nannies because they are able to find me a job so quickly and with nice families. Thanks for everything.

A.M. – 8/2013

Hello!  The job is going great.  The family is very kind and generous.  The boy I'm caring for is really sweet, so I am happy working for them!   Thanks for matching us up.

G.S. – 4/2013

Thank YOU for your professionalism!

J.B. – 4/2015

Hometown Nannies placed me in two of the longest jobs of my career. I was with the first family for 5 years and my last family for 9 years, but more importantly—I am still close with both families and we keep in regular contact. Hometown Nannies works hard to make those great Nanny-Family connections that last for years. They have helped create years of wonderful memories and I would work with Hometown Nannies again and again.

E.V. – 2/2013

Thank you.  I am glad that I did choose Hometown nannies plus, very satisfied with the treatment, your kindness, and so very professional in every way.  I will certainly recommend your services to friends and families. 

F.B. – Ridgefield, CT  – 7/2014

HTN placed me in the right place 8 years ago. I've been really happy, it was a perfect match. I'm so thankful. 

L.A. – Norwalk, CT – 6/2014

This is the best family I have ever worked for. They treat me like I am part of their family! Thank you Hometown Nannies. 

K.G. – New Haven, CT  – 7/2014

HTN placed me with a family who has truly taken me in and made me a part of their lives and home. Best caregiver job I've had in 15 years! 

M.M. – 5/2014

I have been working as a nanny for many years, and Hometown Nanny Agency always helps me to get a very good position!!. They are caring, and professional people, who look out for your best interest. When I go to interviews I am confident that they will send me to a good place.

J.M. – Wallingford, CT  – 7/2014

I've been working with the same family for 3 years and they're wonderful. They are a very nice family, they're like part of my family. 

D.E. – Darien, CT – 5/2014

Thanks to Hometown Nannies and their excellent advice about marketing myself and dressing for success, I am about to land my dream job.

L.C. – South Salem, NY – 7/2014

Because of your very thorough screening I was placed with the perfect family. Very pleasant process!

J.C. – Danbury, CT  – 7/2014

Thank you to HTN. Jayne is so wonderful. She has placed me with 3 different families over a period of 12 years. I have been with my current family for almost 7 years and they are wonderful. 

B.S. – 6/2014

My happiest day was when I left the corporate world and walked into the office of Hometown Nannies.  With Jayne's help I got a great job with a wonderful family that I stayed with for 13 years. The children became my second set of grandchildren because I was with them since they were born. They are all grown now, but I see them as much as I can. Thank you for helping make the past 13 years such a wonderful experience!

A.C. – Stamford, CT – 6/2014

I am so happy HTN found me a job with this really nice family. I am very comfortable here. 

A.C. – Stamford, CT – 6/2014

I have been working for the family HTN placed me with almost two years ago. I love the kids so much, they are friendly, and very polite. I love this family! Every day I thank God that I am working for this family. I am so thankful I went to HTN. I am very happy!  

A.J.L.S. – 12/2014

I love my job. Hometown Nannies did a super job at helping me find a job that is perfect for me. I could not be happier.

T.M. – 10/2014

I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me again. It's obvious that you care about the families and childcare providers & it's very reassuring to know I have a great agency helping me look for a position.  

D.T. – 11/2012

And remember some of us nannies are thankful for you and all the work you do!

M.C.C. – 10/2012

Thank u so much! We talked and I'm so excited to start! Thank u so much again I'm so happy and excited!

H.C. – 8/2012

Interview went great, I will be starting Monday! Thank You for giving a helping hand, you guys are terrific! Feel free to contact me if any more information is needed. Thank You so Much,

R.E. – 7/2012

I really wanted to find a position through your agency, because you are the best!!!

S.B. – Danbury, CT – 6/2012

Hi Jayne! Job is great, getting along really well and I want to thank you very much for helping me to find it!

A. – 5/2012

I think you are fantastic and I only want to be represented by your company have a great day

A. – 5/2012

Thank You once again for all your hard work and dedication in finding suitable employment for me !!!

M.P. – 12/2011

Hi Jayne, I hope you are doing well.  I am very happy with the job you got me.  Everything is fine and the people are very nice.  I hope they are happy with me too.  Thank you very much for your help and I wish you happy holidays!

J.C. – 10/2011

By far that was one of the best Interviews I've been on in a long time. Thank you.

V.E. – 11/2013

Thank you very much for helping me find the perfect family for me. Hope you have a wonderful day in the company of those you love!

J.M. – New Canaan, CT – 4/2011

Jayne - I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to go on this Sunday interview, and for sending me on such a great first interview.

S.M. – 10/2013

This is the best Family EVER!!!

A.R. – New Haven, CT – 2/2011

About 3 years ago I interviewed with Jayne for a housekeeping position. I have been employed with the S. family since then. I had a good experience with both my interview with Jayne at Hometown Nannies, and I also enjoy working for the current employer.

B.J. – 10/2013

I am a professional nanny, trained in England at Norland Nursery Training College, and with more than 25 years experience. I have worked internationally & been legally residing in the US for many years. Hometown Nannies has been by far the most professional & excellent agency I have come across in the US. ~ Their whole approach to the application process, checking my references, their communication with me, offering very appropriate positions to me for consideration, & their communications with my former employers, & follow up with me, even years after our initial contact, have been very, very impressive. Their attitude and approach have always been respectful, polite & very friendly. I would highly recommend them based on these experiences. (I would have to say that the lady who gave them one star may have spoken with an employee no longer part of the agency perhaps. ~ This didn't sound remotely like any of the interactions I have had with the agency over many years. Additionally ~ The reason agencies generally do not give out contact numbers for nannies prior to a client registering with the agency, (as I understand it), is that there would be little reason for the client to then go through the agency if they had already contacted someone they wished to hire, prior to signing with the agency, & if they wanted to avoid the fees. Additionally, it would be easy to claim that the nanny was also registered with another agency they were using, and thus avoid the fees in this way. Of course most people would not take advantage of an agency in this way, one hopes, but this is just basic good business practice. It also protects the nannies from unscrupulous callers posing as prospective employers... sadly such things must be considered. Personally I would never work with an agency who gave out numbers to unregistered callers!)

S.P. – NYC, NY – 2/2011

Jayne - Thank you so much for finding the information I needed to take a lactation course. It was very helpful and it may have saved me a trip to the UK.

K.P. – 10/2013

Hi Jayne,
Thank you for connecting me to N. and her beautiful daughter S. We spent a wonderful time getting to know one another this evening. I appreciate you getting us in contact with each other. If you ever need more information, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Thanks again.

G. – 9/2013

I could not be happier with the family and children Jayne has found for me. Jayne is a wonderful matchmaker, doing her best to match nannies and families/kids well. She really pays attention to all personality types and the nannies capabilities. My job is going great and I love the girls I take care of and the parents are great people as well. Thank you so much, Jayne, and it is no mere coincidence that you have been in business for so many years. Congratulations for being a great professional.

S.L. – 1/2013

Hi Jane And Crew. Happy New Year just saying hello and letting you know how Much I love my Nanny Job. And Babies!!! I'm forever grateful you guys helped me during a time of Crisis in between jobs.

T.B. – 11/2012

I worked my first day today for S.H. (and family) and everything went well. I just wanted to thank you for connecting me with such a nice family.


I am very, very excited and happy and cannot wait for Saturday and (I hope and pray to start this new facet of my life) thank you Jayne and Lisa for this wonderful opportunity, as usual all my love, M.

J.D. – Bridgeport, CT

Hometown Nannies has done it again. Found me a wonderful family to work for. I cannot thank you enough for matching me up with this great family; they have gone out of their way to make me feel very comfortable.

A.V. – Bridgeport, CT

I am really happy with Hometown Nannies. They have placed me with three different families and all of the families have been great.

M.V. – Norwalk, CT

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for finding me the best family to work for. I love the baby and the family is so kind. I love working with Hometown Nannies.

M.V. - Norwalk, CT


From Our Clients


A.H. – 10/2016

Hometown found me my baby nurse for my third child. Wish I had known about them when I had my first. This gal was by far the best of the three I employed and we wound up keeping her for 5 months. I have since hired a nanny through them. Great agency -- really listened to my needs.

R.G. – 10/2016

We are over the moon with our new nanny. Our son has adored her from day one and she has truly changed our lives. Hiring her is the best thing we ever did. Thank you to Hometown Nannies!

K.Q. – 12/2016

She's amazing, we just love her, it seems like the perfect fit. I want to hug you so hard right now! ?? 

K.L.A. – New Canaan, CT – 3/2017

The nanny I found through Hometown Nannies was truly amazing and is now part of our family. If it was not for this nanny,  I am not sure if I would have been able to go back to work.

J.W. – 4/2017

Who knew hiring someone could be so easy? Jayne saved me a major headache and a ton of time by sending me resumes of qualified reliable candidates and set up interviews for me when I was looking for a housekeeper. She found me a very reliable, hard-working and kind-hearted housekeeper within just a few days. So glad I put this in expert hands instead of continuing to waste my time trying to find someone through one of the web sites out there. Jayne and her staff are incredibly helpful and excellent at what they do. So glad I called!

S.G. – Ridgefield, CT – 5/2017

E. (baby nurse) and M. (nanny) were wonderful.

S.M.Z. – 8/2017

The candidates we saw from Hometown Nannies were head and shoulders above the competition.

M.Z. – 3/2018

Everything seems to be going well!  L. is unbelievably amazing and a sweetheart.  She fits in perfectly and I think is really happy.

A.S. – 10/2018

Hometown Nannies found me my last two home care providers. They have been incredible and two of my favorites. It has been great working with Hometown Nannies.

M.W. – Fairfield, CT – 10/2018

We hired a nanny and found a friend for life. She will be forever in my children's lives. Thanks to Hometown Nannies.

D.G. – 10/2018

W. is GREAT - super happy.  THANK YOU!

J.B. – Westport, CT – 10/2018

Hometown Nannies understood and met our requirements with just one interview. Our family manager/nanny has been with our family for over 15 years and we cannot be more grateful.

B.E. – Southport, CT – 1/2019

I do not know how we did it before J -- thank you :). Hope you are well.

J. S. – Bedford Hills, N.Y. – 8/2019

HTN sent us several nannies to interview until we found the right fit. She met our family's unique needs and the process was seamless.

C.H. – 9/2020

You have been wonderful to work with and I see why you come so highly recommended. I really felt you understood what we needed and appreciate all the hard work you have put into our search. I look forward to working with you again in the future. 

M.M. – 9/2020

Jayne and Hometown Nannies were thoughtful, diligent, and deeply considerate of our particular wants and needs in bringing what amounts to a family member into our home.  We asked a lot, and every caregiver candidate we saw was wonderful for different reasons.  In the end we got an amazing fit for our family - and it was the result of Jayne's tireless work on our behalf. 

J.W. – 11/2020

My family moved from New York and left behind a nanny we had for 5 years. We never thought we'd find another nanny we liked as much. Hometown Nannies listened to our needs and came through. Very professional and easy to work with.

P.P. – Greenwich, CT – 11/2020

Jayne immediately understood our unique needs and quickly identified a few excellent options.  It was a difficult choice but the person who became our child's nanny is extraordinary.  And she was the one Jayne said from the beginning was the right fit.  Jayne clearly knows what she's doing, and we are very grateful for that.

K.G. – 11/2020

I have known Hometown Nannies for 5 years and I can tell you that Jayne is a stand up woman, a non nonsense woman who plays by the rules; she is a mom, she is decent and follows through as all agencies should. Every chance I get, I advise my clients about Jayne Ehrlich (Hometown) because she is really awesome. You have a great agency in Jayne, I know that she will send you only people that she has checked out thoroughly.

E.R. – 11/2020

Our nanny provided a stable, secure warm environment for my girls over the past nine years. She has been everything to us. We will miss her greatly. Thank you Hometown Nannies for this wonderful lady!

R.W. – 11/2020

My wife and I are happy to write a review. We found our baby nurse from you guys and she helped us learn so much about newborns. We recommend you to our friends. Thank you. We now have a happy two year old.

J.S. – 11/2020

We moved here from Boston, then our nanny defected. Hometown Nannies was amazing and so is our new nanny. Highly recommended. They really knew what we needed in a nanny.

S.K. – 11/2020

Excellent nanny candidates. Very friendly service.

R.L. – 11/2020

Great staff, very professional and found us a wonderful nanny - Thanks HTN! ??

E.R. – New Canaan. CT – 3/2021

Hometown Nannies is a highly trustworthy agency who presents and represents the best in home support.

K.C. – New Canaan, CT – 3/2021

Hometown Nannies provided the most qualified, exceptional nanny who became part of our family forever. She was with us for 5 years until be moved out of state. We miss her dearly.

L.C. – Westport, CT

Still to this day I am forever grateful to you for finding us 'P', who is still with us!Can you believe it? It was a match made in heaven, thanks to you. I can't thank you enough for finding us P.! We have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

C.R. – Weston, CT

Hometown Nannies provided us with a wonderful caregiver for our infant son. She has been so responsive to his needs and creative with his waking time. Thanks Hometown Nannies for such a great nanny!

V.D. – Rowayton, CT

I am so happy we decided to work with Hometown Nannies to meet our childcare needs. The nanny you found for us is so much more than we had ever expected or hoped for. Your service is wonderful.

M.Z. – Wilton, CT

For me, it was not easy to find help that would support the needs of my daughter. When I explained my circumstances to Jayne it was a no brainer! Jayne figures it out and makes it happen. She is a dynamo and a total powerhouse! Hometown Nannies is truly in a class by themselves.

C.S. – Stamford, CT

The staff at Hometown Nannies+ is nice and professional.

V.G. – Westport, CT

It's going amazingly well! The kids love J. On Saturday they were asking me if J was coming. They play rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes first with her A. smashing 10 out of 10. She keeps them extremely engaged and happy. Her works ethic is impressive. She is very flexible and open minded. She has a fantastic can-do attitude, and she is willing to jump with no notice into any new activity or software that the school sends our way. She is highly creative; her science experiments are such a hit that the kids keep talking about them for days.
If she is looking for additional tutoring, I would recommend her wholeheartedly and would be happy to be a reference. While my husband was apprehensive about the cost of tutoring + agency, it is now clear -even to him- that you guys found an incredible talented candidate and her impact in our kids' education in such a challenging year is worth every penny.
Thank you again!

T.L. – Trumbull, CT

I am so grateful for finding Hometown Nannies. The whole process of finding a family for my first day on the job went extremely smoothly. I would recommend Hometown Nannies to families looking to find their perfect fit and to Nannies looking for an agency that cares about you and that will help you find your perfect job. Thank you so much, Lisa and Jayne!
Thank you!

S.K. – Darien, CT

Jayne and her company, Hometown Nannies based in Westport, has been wonderful in helping me to find a new nanny-- she very much understood what we were looking for and has been proactive, professional and supportive.
Jayne, D. is my very best friend and is considering a move to the area.

J.S. – Fairfield, CT

Thank you for setting up the interviews yesterday. Both candidates were incredibly warm and kind. You certainly know to pick the right people to watch our precious children!
I will be working with you again.
Thank you again for your help and for taking the time. I can see why you have such amazing reviews.
Good luck with your other placements and writing.

A.L. – Westport, CT

We had our first week with I. this week and we are absolutely thrilled so far! She is kind, confident, a great cleaner- I am so happy. Thank you.