From Our Nannies & Domestics


A.C. – Stamford, CT – 6/2014

I have been working for the family HTN placed me with almost two years ago. I love the kids so much, they are friendly, and very polite. I love this family! Every day I thank God that I am working for this family. I am so thankful I went to HTN. I am very happy!  
A.C. - Stamford, CT

A.J.L.S. – 12/2014

I love my job. Hometown Nannies did a super job at helping me find a job that is perfect for me. I could not be happier.

T.M. – 10/2014

I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me again.  Its obvious that you care about the families and childcare providers & its very reassuring to know I have a great agency helping me look for a position.  

L.J. – 10/2014

I would very much recommend Hometown nannies to both nannies and parents. Jayne helped me find my current position which was a great match for me. I'm very thankful for their help.

L. – 9/2013

I have known Jayne since her first agency, Malibu Mamas in California, over 25 years ago. She has helped me find several wonderful jobs over the years. Thank you Jayne.

L. – Greenwich, CT – 9/2013

I'm happy to apply to Hometown Nannies because they are able to find me a job so quickly and with nice families. Thanks for everything.
L. - Greenwich, CT

A.M. – 8/2013

Hello!  The job is going great.  The family is very kind and generous.  The boy I'm caring for is really sweet, so I am happy working for them!   Thanks for matching us up.

G.S. – 4/2013

Thank YOU for your professionalism!

L.A. – Norwalk, CT – 6/2014

This is the best family I have ever worked for. They treat me like I am part of their family! Thank you Hometown Nannies. 
L.A. - Norwalk, CT

M.M. – 5/2014

I working as a nanny for many years, and Hometown Nanny Agency always help me to get a very good position!!. They are caring, and profesional people, who look on your best interest. When I go to interviews I am confident that they will send me to a good place.

D. E. – Darien, CT – 5/2014

Thanks to Hometown Nannies and their excellent advice about marketing myself and dressing for success, I am about to land my dream job.
D.E. - Darien, CT

V.E. – 11/2013

Thank you very much for helping me find the perfect family for me. Hope you have a wonderful day in the company of those you love!

S.M. – 10/2013

This is the best Family EVER!!!

B.J. – 10/2013

I am a professional nanny, trained in England at Norland Nursery Training College, and with more than 25 years experience. I have worked internationally & been legally residing in the US for many years. Hometown Nannies has been by far the most professional & excellent agency I have come across in the US. ~ Their whole approach to the application process, checking my references, their communication with me, offering very appropriate positions to me for consideration, & their communications with my former employers, & follow up with me, even years after our initial contact, have been very, very impressive. Their attitude and approach have always been respectful, polite & very friendly. I would highly recommend them based on these experiences. (I would have to say that the lady who gave them one star may have spoken with an employee no longer part of the agency perhaps. ~ This didn't sound remotely like any of the interactions I have had with the agency over many years. Additionally ~ The reason agencies generally do not give out contact numbers for nannies prior to a client registering with the agency, (as I understand it), is that there would be little reason for the client to then go through the agency if they had already contacted someone they wished to hire, prior to signing with the agency, & if they wanted to avoid the fees. Additionally, it would be easy to claim that the nanny was also registered with another agency they were using, and thus avoid the fees in this way. Of course most people would not take advantage of an agency in this way, one hopes, but this is just basic good business practice. It also protects the nannies from unscrupulous callers posing as prospective employers... sadly such things must be considered. Personally I would never work with an agency who gave out numbers to unregistered callers!)

K.P. – 10/2013

Hi Jayne,
Thank you for connecting me to Nancy and her beautiful daughter Sophie. We spent a wonderful time getting to know one another this evening. I appreciate you getting us in contact with each other.  If you ever need more information, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Thanks again.

G. – 9/2013

I could not be happier with the family and children Jayne has found for me. Jayne is a wonderful match maker, doing her best to match nannies and families/kids well. She really pays attention to all personality types and the nannies capabilities. My job is going great and I love the girls I take care of and the parents are great people as well. Thank you so much, Jayne, and it is no mere coincidence that you have been in business for so many years. Congratulations for being a great professional.

E.V. – 2/2013

Thank you.  I am glad that I did choose Hometown nannies plus, very satisfied with the treatment, your kindness, and so very professional in every way.  I will certainly recommend your services to friends and families. 

S.L. – 1/2013

Hi Jane And Crew. Happy New Year just saying hello and letting you know how Much I love my Nanny Job. And Babys!!! I eat en up all day. I'm forever grateful you guys helped me during a time of Crisis was in between jobs.

T.B. – 11/2012

I worked my first day today for Spring Hollis (and family) and everything went well. I just wanted to thank you for connecting me with such a nice family.

D.T. – 11/2012

And remember some of us nannies are thankful for youand all the work you do!

M.C.C. – 10/2012

Thank u so much! We talked and I'm so excited to start! Thank u so much again I'm so happy and excited!

H.C. – 8/2012

Interview went great, I will be starting Monday! Thank You for giving a helping hand, you guys are terrific! Feel free to contact me if any more information is needed. Thank You so Much,

R.E. – 7/2012

I really wanted to find a position through your agency, because you are the best!!!

L.S. – 7/2012

I first heard about Jayne Ehrlich thru her nanny agency Malibu Mamas when I was nannying in Los Angeles about 24 years ago. I was delighted to find her in Westport when I moved to Connecticut about 14 years ago. Jayne found me jobs over those years and recently found me the perfect family where I hope to work, until I retire!

S.B. – Danbury – 6/2012

Hi Jayne! Job is great, getting along really good and I want to thank you very much for helping me to find it!
SB - Danbury

A. – 5/2012

I think you are fantastic and I only want to be represented by your company have a great day

A. – 5/2012

Thank You once again for all your hard work and dedication in finding suitable employment for me !!!

M.P. – 12/2011

Hi Jayne, I hope you are doing well.  I am very happy with the job you got me.  Everything is fine and the people are very nice.  I hope they are happy with me too.  Thank you very much for your help and I wish you happy holidays!

J.C. – 10/2011

By far that was one of the best Interviews I've been on in a long time. Thank you.

J.M. – New Canaan, CT – 4/2011

Jayne - I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to go on this Sunday interview, and for sending me on such a great first interview.
JM - New Canaan, CT

A.R. – New Haven, CT – 2/2011

About 3 years ago I interviewed with Jayne for a housekeeping position. I have been employed with the S family since then. I had a good experience with both my interview with Jayne at Hometown Nannies, and I also enjoy working for the current employer.
A.R. - New Haven, CT

S.P. – NYC – 2/2011

Jayne - Thank you so much for finding the information I needed to take a lactation course. It was very helpful and it may have saved me a trip to the UK.

A.R. – 2/2011

To whom it may concern,

A.R. – NYC – 1/2012

When I return from CA, I would love to have you represent me, since you are indeed the best agency out there. I want to thank you so very much for your time and efforts in finding a great family for me. I appreciate all of your hard work, and once again, I am forever grateful. If anything changes at any given time, I will contact you immediately. I have recommended your agency to several people.
A.R. - NYC

M.C. – Live in Nanny – 8/2010

Thank you!!!! You just made my day!! You are the best!!! Even if it doesn't work out, you just built up my confidence. Thanks for all that you have done for me, I truly appreciate it!!!
MC - Live in Nanny

M.C. – Norwalk, CT – 6/2010

Hometown Nannies+ has become a high priority in my life. I applied for a nanny job with them 10 years ago. I met the E family who have become a part of my family now too, and I have been with them for 8 ½ years. Watching their children from toddlers, growing to teenagers. I am very thankful for Hometown Nannies. They have kept in touch with both myself and with the E family, giving me updates and feedback left by the E family. I have recommended friends who are also happy and very satisfield. I recommend Hometown Nannies to any person who is looking for a nanny job! Thank you Jayne for your unconditional support that you have provided me!!
MC - Norwalk, CT

K.M. – Bridgeport, CT – 6/2010

Jayne - It was so nice to finally meet you. I must say it has been a pleasure working with Hometown Nannies. You placed me with a GREAT family that has now become my OWN family. Thank you so much.
KM - Bridgeport, CT

KM – Bridgeport, CT – 4/2009

I must say it has been a pleasure working with Hometown Nannies. You placed me with a GREAT family that has now become my OWN family. Thanks so much!
KM - Bridgeport, CT

M.V. – Norwalk, CT

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for finding me the best family to work for. I love the baby and the family is so kind. I love working with Hometown Nannies.


I am very, very excited and happy and cannot wait for Saturday and (I hope and pray to start this new facet of my life) thank you Jayne and Lisa for this wonderful opportunity, as usual all my love, M.

E.L. – 5/2008

Dear Michelle,
I really enjoyed meeting and conversing with you on Monday.  I must thank you for making my interview with you a stress-free occasion.  I am anxiously looking forward to working with your agency.
Thanking You,

E.G. – 9/2007

Dear Hometown Nannies:

Thank you again for a great assignment.  The family was warm loving and welcoming and I felt right at home, they did everything within their power to make me comfortable.
The bundle of blessing was simply adorable, I really enjoy attending to her needs.

Hometown Nannies is extremely efficient and professional with good Customer Service Qualities, again it was a wonderful experience working for Hometown Nannies they are No. 1 on my list.

(Newborn Specialist - Baby Nurse)

E.F. – 6/2007

Hi Lynn,
I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much they are great people and i can wait to start working for them. I'm so excited. Well I will keep in touch with you and let you know how things go. Also thank you for keeping me in mind for part-time babysitting.


A. – 3/2007


First, please forgive me for the delay of responding to your offer, I have been unable to access my email the last couple of days.

I thank you for taking the time before your trip to meet with me again. It was helpful for me to meet your husband and see the kids again. I believe you are very blessed and have a wonderful family.

I would like to accept your offer to come and work for your family. I feel good about being a right fit for each other and I look forward to working together as a team.

Regarding the weekly salary, it is a bit lower than I had hoped for, so I was wondering if you would be willing to consider contributing to a Health Saving Account (HSA) on a monthly basis for me. Being I only have major medical coverage and pay for all other medical out of my own pocket this would be reassuring for me in the future.

The early start date that we talked about (middle of May) would be of interest to me but am flexible to your needs.

I also want to make use that Jayne at Hometown Nannies is aware of the great job that Jennifer did in placing us together. I felt her insight into the details of what I was looking for in a family was right on when she called to tell me she found a great family for me. Thank you Jennifer.

Joy, I hope you are enjoying your trip and look forward to talking to you further when you arrive back home.


J.D. – Bridgeport, CT

Hometown Nannies has done it again. Found me a wonderful family to work for. I cannot thank you enough for matching me up with this great family; they have gone out of their way to make me feel very comfortable.

A.V. – Bridgeport, CT

I am really happy with Hometown Nannies. They have placed me with three different families and all of the families have been great.



From Our Clients


C.S. – Nyack, NY – 10/2010

Yes, let's keep in touch, and just one more little note, you and Betsy are really very nice, and professional.
CS - Nyack, NY

D. – 4/2012

Hello Jayne,
She is great! Never a drama, just calm, hard worker and positive. I can't believe the difference in people from what I have had in the past. I hope she is happy,

K.M. – 4/2012

Things are going well with Monica and overall we are very happy.  She is good with the kids, punctual, responsible, etc. 

T.M. – 4/2012

Johanna started yesterday and so far it is going very well. We are thrilled to have her.

Y. – 2/2012

Hi Jayne - Just wanted to let you know that today was Edna's last day with us. She is single­handedly the best babysitter we've had. My girls are pretty malleable, but they miss Edna a lot. She was everything her references told me she would be - super attentive with the kids, playing with them, doing projects with them, helping with homework. She kept the house in perfect order and did a whole bunch of things I did not even ask her to do (laundry, putting our clothes away(!) ... and helping me pack for our move to Old Greenwich!). But really, I was overwhelmingly happy with hmv she was with the kids, and I have never seen them so happy with a babysitter. They talk about her all the time. Anyways, I wanted to let you know. Thank you for sending Edna to us - truly the best care provider we've had. It's ironic that the best one is one we only needed for 3 months. Thanks for helping us all these years.

R.E. & V.M. – 11/2011

R.E. & V.M.

C.K. – Darien, CT – 10/2011

She is wonderful so far! I finally got a good night's sleep! J
CK - Darien, CT

S.L. – 10/2011

THANKS - She is great!!!

C.S. – Westport, CT – 9/2011

Hi Jayne - everything is going well with 'S'. 'A' really likes her as do we. Thanks for checking in and for providing the 3rd reference.
CS - Westport, CT

M.S. – Westport, CT – 10/2009

Jayne, thanks you for the package. I just love the soap, a real treat, thank you!
MS - Westport, CT

T.R. – South Salem, NY – 9/2009

Jayne - Things are going great with G, both my children like her very much and we are very happy with her
TR - South Salem, NY

D.S. – Stamford, CT – 8/2009

Just wanted to let you know that our family has been extremely happy with Z as our new nanny, this is the best fit for us, so thank you for connecting us.
DS - Stamford, CT

S.B., NBC Universal – 9/2008

Do you know whether the agency (Malibu mamas, Inc.) is still in business and, if so, whether their standards are as high as they once were? We found a wonderful long-term nanny through the agency about 8 years ago, and are embarking on another search, and looking for a great agency. Thanks very much for your help.
SB, NBC Universal

A.F. – Westport, CT – 9/2010

Jayne - Thank you again for how dealt with K and for your support in general. You are truly amazing at what you do, we are lucky to have you in Westport!
AF - Westport, CT

R.F. – Old Lyme, CT – 6/2010

Hi Jayne! The job in Mystic is great, I couldn't be happier
RF - Old Lyme, CT

J.M. – Katonah, NY – 6/2010

Working with L was wonderful. I'd been trying to find a nanny on my own, but with juggling a toddler and a newborn on sleepless nights, it felt so much better to hand the job over to her. She was incredibly personable, warm and efficient. Most importantly, she really listened to my needs AND then kept them in mind when finding candidates. I quickly said, If you've met her, L, and you think she's a good match, then I'll meet her, too. Using an agency is a financial investment in your family, and with L in my court, I didn't hesitate to make that investment.
JM - Katonah, NY

D.C. – Weston, CT – 4/2010

Jayne you are awesome!! By the way, do you work for anyone else? J I feel like we have you full time (probably because we do!) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
DC - Weston, CT

Y.T. – 4/2010

Thank you - your services are invaluable. It has been a while since we were in the market for a nanny ... it is all coming back to me.

K.G. – NYC – 3/2010

I have known Hometown Nannies for 5 years and I can tell you that Jayne is a stand-up woman, a no-nonsense woman who plays by the rules; she is a mom, she is decent and follows through as all agencies should. Every chance I get, I advise my clients about Jayne Ehrlich (Hometown) because she is really awesome. You have a great agency in Jayne, I know that she will send you only people that she has checked out thoroughly.

Y.- 3/2010

I am going to take the liberty of saying this to you because I know how important it is for all MOMS to find great caregiving in any form, be that a baby nurse, a nanny, a babysitter, a housekeeper, whatever! They trust that these agencies are people who are legitimate and follow through in all they say they do especially when it comes to people they are sending in to a client's home to care for their precious babies.

D.W. – Weston, CT – 2/2010

K is awesome!!! I'm so happy she is here! Thank you for sending her as quickly as you didJ
DW - Weston, CT

S.B.- Greenwich, CT – 2/2010

Thank you Jayne…well it's only the second day, but so far she has been wonderful and we couldn't be happier with our choice.
SB- Greenwich, CT

MM – Weston, CT – 12/2009

Hi Jayne - Thank you for your message and Happy Holidays!! Things are going very well with C and the kids really like her and enjoy her energy. J I appreciate all of your help through the process.
MM - Weston, CT

K.M. – 12/2009

Darn, you are good - love Rita too!

C.S. – Fairfield, CT – 11/2009

Really lucky to find C, would call Hometown Nannies again!
CS - Fairfield, CT

Y.T. – Wilson, CT – 7/2008

Thank you. Your services are invaluable.
YT - Wilton, CT

C.M. – 9/2007


I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work trying to find us a nanny.   Ultimately, my husband and I decided that having a nanny in our home was not the childcare experience we were looking for.  However, it is no reflection on you or the candidates you were sending over to us.  We loved working with you, and I will continue to refer Hometown Nannies to other moms who are looking for childcare. 

Attached is new picture of Will.  Thanks again.


L.C., Client Family – Westport, CT

"Still to this day I am forever grateful to you for finding us 'P', who is still with us!Can you believe it? It was a match made in heaven, thanks to you. I can't thank you enough for finding us Peggy!We have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.”

C.R. – Weston, CT

Hometown Nannies provided us with a wonderful caregiver for our infant son. She has been so responsive to his needs and creative with his waking time. Thanks Hometown Nannies for such a great nanny!

V.D. – Rowayton, CT

I am so happy we decided to work with Hometown Nannies to meet our childcare needed. The nanny you found for us is so much more than we had ever expected or hoped for. Your service is wonderful.

M.Z. – Wilton, CT

For me, it was not easy to find help that would support the needs of my daughter. When I explained my circumstances to Jayne it was a no brainier! Jayne figures it out and makes it happen. She is a dynamo and a total powerhouse! Hometown Nannies is truly in a class by themselves.

M.Z. - Wilton, CT

C.S. – Stamford, CT

The staff at Hometown Nannies+ is nice and professional.