Historic New Jersey Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Signed – Featuring GTM Payroll & HR

by | Jan 28, 2024 | Domestic Staffing | 0 comments

In a historic move, New Jersey has recently become the 11th state to enact a Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights – joining other notable players such as Connecticut and the District of Columbia. The New Jersey Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights is a set of laws designed to protect the rights of domestic workers in the state. The bill includes provisions that require employers to provide domestic workers with a written contract that outlines their job duties, pay, and other important information. It also requires employers to give domestic workers at least one day off each week and to provide them with overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours in a week. Additionally, the bill prohibits employers from discriminating against domestic workers based on their race, gender, or other characteristics. These laws help ensure that domestic workers are treated fairly and have the same basic rights as other workers in the state.

The importance of domestic workers and their roles in society have become increasingly evident over the years, and ensuring that professionals within this industry receive the same fair treatment and workplace safety measures as others has become a top priority. Though slow-moving, more and more states and cities are putting into play these important laws to help curb common issues within a notably troubled space. Paying “off the books”, disregarding breaks, work hours, safety, and discrimination have long remained a part of the domestic work space, and by providing the workers with the confidence and legal backing to take a stand, New Jersey has made the step forward into ameliorating the situation for both employees, and employers. By providing the guidelines in a clear and concise manner, it also helps to eliminate any of the legal murkiness that can often muddy the waters for employers. Read full details in this great article by GTM Payroll & HR, “New Jersey Household Employees Gain Protections with Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights“.

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