Nanny Starship – Launching Your Career!

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Domestic Staffing, Staffing, Work-Life Balance | 0 comments

A career in the domestic service industry can be one of the most rewarding and engaging paths to take for an individual, and ensuring that you have a fantastic experience is always paramount to us, here at Hometown Nannies +. Over our 35 years of experience, we have worked with families and situations of all types and sizes, and our success in matching them with their perfect individuals comes down to our unique selection process. We pride ourselves in being the agency that has YOUR back – as the domestic worker! We have many steps in place that help to ensure that you have a respectful and positive experience so that you can rest assured that Hometown Nannies + is here to help you launch your career! 

Every placement process begins with understanding – we listen to you, evaluate your background, strengths, and weaknesses to understand where you will fit best! We work our hardest to find families and positions where you will mesh well and create a mutually beneficial situation for everyone involved. All LIVE OUT child and house care workers receive a competitive salary ($25 per/.hr, in select areas, – $35 per./hr and up) plus paid vacation & major holidays. Some families will provide health insurance and/or 401K plans.

To list just a few of the benefits of working with us, we try our hardest to work with respectful families, advocate a maximum of a 5-day workweek, and most importantly require and offer an HTN family-nanny/domestic agreement. These measures are put into place for the safety and understanding of all parties and are extremely beneficial in establishing and maintaining clear expectations, boundaries, and responsibilities of the arrangement. Hometown Nannies + fully supports domestic workers’ rights and the laws that protect them, and we actively seek to support our applicants throughout the placement process. 

We represent top-of-the-Industry applicants seeking placement in the Tri-State and surrounding areas. Additionally, we have offered National and Global Household Staffing since 1988. Whether you are seeking representation as a nanny, housekeeper, personal chef, baby nurse, private teacher/tutor, or any hybrid of the above or more, Hometown Nannies + is the agency that can make it happen! Many applicants are multi-talented and are able to fulfill several needs for a client, such as being a nanny that offers light housekeeping and meal prep, which is a plus for prospective families as well. Hometown Nannies + has been launching careers for over 33 years – is yours next?