Nannies for Special Needs Children

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Parents are already stressed out, overworked, and exhausted by the obstacles of everyday life. Having a child with special needs can add stress to your family life. When we send our kids off to school each day, we can only hope that they will be welcomed with open arms by their peers and teachers. However, children with special needs often face bullying or social ostracism, which is why it is so important for them to have a solid support system at school and at home. For children whose parents work full time or have other after school obligations, it is absolutely crucial that they come home to a care provider who will love them the same way their parents do. For many families, that devoted and welcoming person is the nanny. 

Special needs children often require individualized attention and care which can be a hard role to fulfill for parents, especially if they have multiple children. The problem for many parents who have children with special needs is that hiring the neighborhood babysitter to care for your child usually does not cut it. When your child requires special attention, finding a child care provider can be nerve wracking. Some families prefer to hire nannies who focus solely on the special needs child, and some families hope to find the perfect nanny who can care for all of their children, special needs or not. Here at Hometown Nannies Plus, we have a pool of candidates who are specially trained and qualified to care for children with special needs. Many of our nannies have educational backgrounds in child development ranging from certifications to masters degrees. In addition, some of our nannies have backgrounds working as ABA specialists. 

People often tend to place all children with special needs in one basket. Here at Hometown Nannies Plus, we understand that every child is unique, special needs or not. Some children with special needs may be non verbal, and some may have physical limitations, including cerebral palsy, and aphasia, while some may have varying chronic illnesses. We understand that it is absolutely crucial for our nanny applicants to have a complete understanding of these differences and limitations so that you and your child will be placed with the perfect match for your individual needs. Our founder, Jayne Ehrlich, has a masters in counseling in addition to a great amount of experience with aspergers and autism. Jayne hand selects all of our applicants to ensure that candidates are people that she herself would hire. 

Whether your child requires extra help with reading, has specific dietary restrictions, requires physical therapy, or has limited communication skills, Hometown Nannies Plus can match your family with a compassionate, trustworthy, and qualified nanny.

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