Life Skills You Should Teach Your Children at Home

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Activities, Domestic Staffing, Parenting, Reading, School | 0 comments

We all send our kids off to school knowing that they will be learning how to read, write, and solve math problems, but what about indispensable life skills such as cooking, organizing, and money management? 

Of course we want our children to be excellent writers or mathematicians, however, what happens when they grow up and leave the nest with no idea how to fill out a tax form or register to vote? 

Due to the fact that our children are not learning many of these vital life skills while in school, it is crucial that we teach them how to do so ourselves. 

Many of these skills can be easily integrated into children’s lives. 

One way you can educate your children on the ways around the kitchen is by asking them to assist you when you cook breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can show them how to chop vegetables, measure out ingredients, or even do something as simple as preheating the oven and setting a timer. 

When your children are entering their teenage years, you can start integrating money management skills into their lives. Give them designated chores and offer a small allowance as a reward. By giving your kids the freedom to spend their allowance however they please, they will learn the value of a dollar.

When your children enter high school, you can encourage them to sign up for personal finance courses where they will be taught about budgeting, tax forms, and consumer debts. If your child’s school does not offer this type of course, you can compensate by showing them how to fill out a tax form, or showing them your own budget spreadsheet. 

There are many other vital life skills that you can teach your kids at home before they enter adulthood such as doing laundry, making a bed, cleaning, gardening, time management, and organization. 

If your children’s school does not offer any home economics type courses, strike up a conversation about it with other parents and bring forward the suggestion to start incorporating life lessons into the curriculum.