Reading is Fundamental – Especially in Westport!

Aug 22, 2019 | Activities, Parenting, Reading | 0 comments

We can all agree that reading is fundamental, and especially important for young children. Reading skills don’t just benefit students academically. It is also a skill that contributes to lifelong success. Every child processes things differently, but encouraging good reading habits from an early age is important. Some children have a natural love for reading, but of course – some may not. Parents and nannies can do several things to help motivate children to read.

If you are a parent or nanny in Westport, Connecticut visit the local Westport Library! There are weekly events like “STORYWALK” which caters to children of all ages. It is a self-guided walk along the Library river walk and the Levitt Pavilion Riverfront parks. Enjoy a beautiful view while you stroll through the park with your child(ren) and read a new page in the story.

The Westport Library also hosts specialized events based on your child’s age such as “Rhythm & Rhyme” which caters to children up to the age of five. It is a half-hour early literacy program which includes songs, music, and stories. This program focuses on helping children develop early literacy skills. It also makes it easier for children to learn to read. Plus, who doesn’t love a good sing a long!

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