Family-Friendly Activities in Ridgefield, CT

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School is almost back in session, and a steady routine for children is most definitely needed, but the fun shouldn’t stop! It is important that children stay stimulated in and out of the classroom. Finding the right activities for children to participate in can be hard – but there are plenty in your area.

At Hometown Nannies+ we encourage an active lifestyle in order to ensure all of our clients (children and adults) stay happy and healthy. Here are the top 5 family friendly activities in the Ridgefield, Connecticut area.

  1. Winter Garden Ice Skating – Ice skating was one of my favorite things to do as a child – even when it wasn’t the winter. I loved being able to go to a local ice skating rink year round, and there is one right in Ridgefield. Winter Garden offers recreations skating, figure skating, youth and adult hockey programs, and a host of other special events. Public skating sessions are held in the fall and winter. The perfect place to keep the kids active on the weekend.
  2. Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance – Do you have a little dancer on your hands? The Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance is a nonprofit school dedicated to educating and encouraging students to become knowledgeable, passionate, and thinking artists. Dancers from Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance perform in competitions as well as local community events. They also host their own events during annual concerts. Learn more about their services at .
  3. One Hump Farm – The One Hump Farm is a sanctuary for a camel named “Sheik” that was rescued from an abusive petting zoo. Sheik is about 9 feet tall and weighs over 1700 pounds. Despite his past, he is very friendly and loves to have his picture taken. Visitors are welcomed to come and meet Sheik. It’s not like you get to take a picture with a camel every day.
  4. Ridgefield Parks & Recreation – Want to get healthy as a family? Want to teach the kids to swim? Ridgefield Parks & Recreation provides a range of wellness and recreational programs for families to choose from. Their recreation center contains a wellness center and a 25 yard long swimming pool. They also operate and maintain over 600 acres of parks, fields, trails, and facilities in Ridgefield. Learn more by visiting .
  5. The Discovery Center at Ridgefield – The Discovery Center is a nonprofit organization with a goal to foster a lover of nature, an interest in science, and an appreciation for history. They offer a diverse calendar of events for families and children. The Discovery Center is actually a center “without walls”, which means they are not located in a physical location. They have the ability to run their programs at varied locations and facilities. This allows them to make their programs flexible and innovative. Learn more about the family friendly programs they offer by visiting .

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