Information for Applicants

Please review the following information prior to completing the online job application

Information for Nannies, Housekeepers and Other Applicants

We represent top-of-the-Industry applicants seeking placement. We have offered Local, plus select National and Global Household Staffing since 1988.

We try our hardest to work with respectful families. We advocate a maximum 5-day workweek. We require an offer, our HTN+ Family/Employee Agreement to ensure clear expectations and communication.

We pre-screen all applicants via phone prior to setting up a time for a personal interview.

We are open M-F, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm with flexibility.

All LIVE OUT child and house care workers receive a competitive salary ($25, in select areas, – $35 per/hr and up plus paid vacation, major holidays, and usually a few personal/ sick days). Some families provide health insurance, or a health insurance stipend, and on occasion a 401k plan. Most families provide use of a car while on the job. (A few families also provide a paid cell phone.) ance, or a health insurance stipend and on occasion a 401k plan.

All LIVE IN household staffers receive a competitive salary starting at $1250 and up per week. (plus paid vacation, major holidays, and usually a few personal/ sick days). All families provide a car for use on the job and often for use on your own time. Included are free room and board, a minimum of a furnished room, and a private bathroom. Some families may provide a guest house, an apartment, or a separate-floor suite. Some may provide cable TV. Some families will provide health insurance or a health insurance stipend, and on occasion a 401k plan. (A few families also provide a paid cell phone).

Some household staffers may be asked to travel with their families- either domestically or globally or both. This should be discussed prior to the acceptance of any job


  • Over 21 years of age, except for mother’s helpers (18-21 years old).
  • Fluency in English. Being bilingual is a plus.
  • Minimum high school graduate
  • Working papers, green card, or citizenship.
  • Valid CT, NY or other appropriate driver’s license
  • Excellent driving record
  • Two local references with valid phone numbers and e-mail addresses.***
  • One reference letter from your favorite past employer
  • Be willing to take or have taken one class in CPR
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Swimming is a plus
  • Associates or four-year college degree is a plus 

***We prefer work references but, in the event that you have had one long-term domestic job, we will accept personal references. Personal references include former teachers/professors, work colleagues and job supervisors. We do not accept references from families or friends.

Please be punctual for your FaceTime or Zoom interview. Please be able to scan and e-mail two pieces of ID if asked to do so: a passport, a green card, or working papers to establish legality, and a driver’s license, a social security card, or another relevant piece of identification. Also, please have three viable phone numbers of the references you will be providing. Please make sure that these references are aware that they may be contacted. If you are going to be late, or need to change your appointment, please call us: 203.227.3924. We will do our best to help you find the job you are seeking.


Background Checks for Applicants

We outsource the following five-step background check:

  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Driving Record Search
  • County Criminal Record Search
  • Federal Criminal Access Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Check in all 50 States
The background check will be sent to the client family prior to the hiree’s start date.

Additional Tips and Resources for Applicants

Sample Fillable Resume for those who do not have one

Online Job Application

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