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I found my very first nanny through Jayne and Hometown Nannies in August of 2006 right before giving birth to my daughter. At that time I had a 13 month old son who had not started walking yet. Clearly I needed help. Jayne found me the loveliest girl with such a calm, patient and sweet temperament. She was terrific with newborns, great with my son and allowed me to have such piece of mind and somewhat of a life too.
The kids got a little older, my needs changed and I did not need as much full time help. My daughter started to have a lot of difficulty in school and some significant issues. My life became very hectic and complicated overnight. It was time for help again and I knew that there was only one person I would ever consider working with because of her years of experience and expertise in the business…Jayne and Hometown Nannies to the rescue once again! Jayne is a perfectionist, the utmost professional, and demands a certain level of excellence from the staff she recruits. She dots every i and crosses every t. The people she works with are in a different category from other agencies. It is not a revolving door at Hometown Nannies. The domestic staff that they place have longevity at their jobs. I think that speaks volumes about how Jayne recruits. For me, it was not easy to find help that would support the needs of my daughter. When I explained my circumstances to Jayne it was a no brainier! Right now I have two separate girls working for me. I have one girl that works during the week only and then another that helps on weekend days. Both of them are terrific, each of them different, and the children love them both. Jayne figures it out and makes it happen. She is a dynamo and a total powerhouse! Hometown Nannies is truly in a class by themselves.

M.Z., Wilton, CT.

M.Z. Wilton October 19, 2015