In 1988, I was an expatriate New Yorker/New Englander living in Malibu, Ca. and writing for television. Suddenly, we were faced with a five-month Writer’s Guild of America strike. A friend, who thought I was a “walking referral service” and a “natural-born matchmaker,” encouraged me to start malibu mamas. Running a “nanny agency” was something I was going to do until the 5 month long strike ended.

As the months rolled by , I realized that I was attempting to build a different business model in terms of service, honesty, qualifications of applicants, working conditions for applicants, and more. Families in our community, and beyond, seemed to realize this as well. By the end of the strike, we were increasingly busy and moved from my home to an office in downtown Malibu.

malibu mamas lg was named the top USA agency by “W” magazine, in 1998, and has received myriad accolades from families, applicants, local and national media.

In 1990, my concept was in development with Lorimar to be a sit-com. The humor was based on the personalities of the main characters, not on childcare, which is very serious business, indeed.

Prior to writing, I’d been a teacher, worked for Job Corps and counseled teenagers in a couple of different settings.

My family moved back East in 1990. We settled in Wilton, CT. I was amazed at how difficult it was to find a highly-qualified, part-time nanny for my two boys. I started Hometown Nannies+ on a part-time basis, in our family room in 1992. Initially, we were a division of MMA, inc. In 2001, we moved into an office in downtown Westport.

We work our hardest to find you the most viable jobs/candidates. We tell it like it is – no hype, no attitude, no pressure.

Thank you for considering Hometown Nannies+ for all your staffing needs.

Jayne Ehrlich
Member, Writer’s Guide of America, west (I’m still here)