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Hybrid Household Staffing

Part-time nanny/manny needed M-F, 20 – 30 hrs./ wk. for 3 children: 9, 6, and 5. $25- $40 per./hr. pd. time off, 4 wks of vacation, and use of the family car. We are an energetic and loving family of 5 living in Weston, with a friendly, alternating weeks co-parenting arrangement. Every other week, our house is filled with 3 fun and engaged kids – two girls (9 and 6) and one boy (almost 5). Our girls love to do crafts and explore new things that interest them, like space, the ocean, history (what was it like to live 100 years ago?), etc., and to make up stories/movies, read, and play board games. Our 5-year-old loves cars, playing outside, and being read to. He is a little developmentally delayed and in most ways is more like a 3.5-year-old, but is a very sweet boy who loves to laugh and play.
We need childcare from 1 PM to 6 PM Monday-Friday on our week. (possibly a little earlier end time on Fridays!). We have a shared Google calendar to keep on top of where the kids will be each week and the bus picks them up in the morning and drops them off in the afternoon. Our youngest gets off the bus from preschool at 1:30 and the older two get off the bus at 3:45. On Tuesdays and Fridays at 2:20 PM, our youngest has occupational therapy about 20 minutes away in Fairfield, and we would need someone to bring him there, hang out in the waiting room for 35 minutes, and bring him back. Sometimes he will take a nap in the afternoon if he needs to recharge :). On alternating weeks we can offer 20- 25 hrs. 

Our ideal caregiver would:
• Be easygoing – we are pretty chill and relaxed as parents, so no need to be super structured
• Be a kind and attentive companion for the kids
• Be patient with discipline and willing to talk and explain/teach
• Enjoy playing and have a good imagination
• Communicate well about scheduling
• Enjoy playing outside and be happy to take the kids to the park/playground
• Can do some simple cooking for kid dinners (every other week)
• Have a car and a good driving record