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Hybrid Household Staffing

Family with 5 kids aged 3-14 years looking to fill a position as a nanny/teacher or educational help. The kids are homeschooled, one parent is working full-time and the other one part-time. It is a positive working environment where the kids are nurtured but also empowered to develop a sense of independence. One of the children who is 11 years old has Williams Syndrome, a genetic disease with intellectual disabilities along with cognitive and learning challenges. He has a very pleasant personality without any behavior challenges. The family hosted 6 Au Pairs throughout the years, and they will continue doing so in the future. All the Au Pairs have standard one-year contracts and are from Germany. They have qualifications such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and special educators. The family is looking to fill a live-out full-time position with someone with a background or interest in education or special education. The family has great parental involvement and is a great support to the team of people involved in the children’s care.

Tasks and expectations:

– Help with homeschool work of the younger children and supervise the older kids*
– Assist in making sure that the kids stick to their school schedule throughout the day
– Teach certain predetermined lessons to a specific child including the child with disabilities
– Follow certain techniques for a child with disabilities by supporting the child with physical exercise, fine motor skills activities and, speech engagement for example
– Engage the kids in activities such as board games, arts and crafts and, nature walk
– Help with lunch preparation as all the kids are home even though the older kids are very independent in preparing their own meals and snacks throughout the day
– Help with dinner preparation following a predetermined menu/recipe
– Help keep up with tasks such as folding laundry, maintain the kitchen and clean toys
– Be willing to get trained as a service dog handler (training done by the parent) in order for the dog to accompany the child with disabilities to different activities and outings
– Drive to different therapy sessions, classes and, after-school activities
– Pick up a few grocery items when necessary
*All the homeschool curriculum is predetermined and the supervision and management of the overall education is done by the parents.
– Be willing to support a child with disabilities
– Be open to the homeschool choices and lifestyle
– Have good swimming abilities and willing to engage with the kids in the pool in the summer
– Have a desire to work with a dog
– Be able to follow instructions and protocols for a child with disabilities
– Engaged and patient with children
– Have a holistic vision of the human and health as a healthy lifestyle is an important value transmitted to the children

The schedule may vary from Monday through Friday but stay within these time frames: 8-5pm, 9-6pm or 10-7pm depending on the kids’ evening and afternoon activities. The schedule will likely be adjusted quarterly as the kids’ activities schedule may shift from fall to summer.
The annual salary offered is open.  About $30,000/year will be paid through a third-party agency (AIM Services). AIM Services is and agency supporting people with disabilities through the NY State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities and the NY State Department of Health. At the beginning of employment with the family, there is a short enrollment process to go through in order to become an AIM Services official employee.

– 4 weeks paid vacation
– Paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
Start time:
The ideal start time is: September 15th but the family can also accommodate a later start date if necessary

Other specifications:
– The family’s cars are used to drive the children. There is no need for the use of the provider’s personal car throughout the working day
– The family offers a very empowering working environment where everyone works together as a team (Nanny/Teacher, Au Pair, and Mother). There is a good flow and synergy throughout the day and the kids are proactive in their own growth and development