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Hybrid Household Staffing

Our son is a joyful, energetic, and curious little boy who loves playing outside on the swing, in the garden, and going on walks. He loves to be read to, particularly books with moons and trucks, and to play chase or in forts. He also loves sweet potatoes and guacamole, giving hugs, and taking long naps!

We are seeking a long-term nanny who has the following:
– high energy and outgoing – willing to be on the floor with a toddler, outdoors going on walks and exploring
– great with small kids – feeding, developmental games, etc. I don’t want someone to just put them in front of a TV
– hard-working and willing to just do the extra stuff (keeping things tidy or doing the kids sheets) to be generally helpful
My husband and I are really down to earth, and willing to be flexible but we want someone to love our kids and give them energy and attention and care and patience that is required of young kids.