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Hybrid Household Staffing

House Manager/Nanny needed  41 hrs a week;  Mondays from 9 am – 6 pm (*9 am-10 am catch up time with parents to review the week in person, catch up on any misc. items, etc.) Tuesday-Friday from 10 am – 6 pm. The family is looking for someone who is kind, thoughtful, intelligent and with such a large, sometimes crazy family…sense of humor is a must. The family has a second nanny who works M-F from 1 pm- 7 pm. This position would be the lead nanny, so empathetic leadership/communication with whomever they are working alongside is critical. Responsibilities include:

  • Cooking/basic knowledge of nutrition (“fun” recipes that kids will enjoy)
  • Etiquette…they should be a proper role model for the children (current areas of opportunity…table manners)
  • Playful (see above re: humor!)
  • Organized (helping with returns, ordering dry goods/grocery shopping, making dr. appointments for the kids, etc)
  • Tech Savvy (we use the “Cozi” app to manage the kid’s activities)
  • Help with homework
  • Communication (know when to give details, and when to just run with the task at hand) (I.e. current sitter sends picture updates of crazy things like a fan being charged but we don’t hear from her when a thunderstorm hits the pool and they’ve since gone home and are now doing (fill in the blank)