It’s Back to School Time!

by | Aug 12, 2019 | School | 0 comments

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As the seasons begin to change, nannies and families alike experience a large shift in their everyday routines. Back-to-school is quickly approaching while it feels like we are all still adjusting to the summer days. Working as a professional nanny means that you are always anticipating the needs of your nanny kids in order to set them up for success. When it comes to back to school, there are several simple things that nannies and families can do to ease the change in schedules.

Parents and nannies can work together in order to help the entire household adapt. Here are three simple things families and nannies can do to help prepare children for the back to school season.

  1. START BACK TO SCHOOL PREP EARLY Preparing for back-to-school means we’ve got to adjust to a new time daily schedule. To make this harsh transition a little easier, why not start creating a few more structured days NOW? Not everyone likes surprises or change — especially not young school aged children. Help them mentally prepare for big changes to their environment, and be sure to follow-through with the timeline so they feel supported and secure as you lead them through the day.
  2. BE A ROLE MODEL FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR As nannies, child care professionals and parents, we can help prepare kids by roleplaying some of the interactions they might experience at school. Speak with them about how to be respectful, how to ask questions, how to ask for help, how to ask for personal space from classmates, etc. This will help children successfully adapt to a new environment.
  3. AFTER SCHOOL PLANS Do you remember your first week of school? It was exhausting! Children are meeting new friends, adjusting to new routines, and experiencing new challenges. A child might want to disconnect immediately after school but parents and nannies should scale their need for stimulation versus time to rest.

Happy back to school everyone! Follow the Nanny Counselor Blog for more tips and tricks throughout the year.