The First Interview

Once you have expressed interest in a particular job/jobs, we will forward your resume and or/application to a client family. If the family expresses interest in meeting with you, we will call you with some suggested interview times. We will then check with the family, and get back to you with a specific date and time. At that time, we will give you additional information about the family, along with their address. Please make sure that you have all the information necessary, such as the family’s name, address, number and ages of children, job duties, starting date, salary range, etc. Also make certain that you have directions to their house. Allow enough time to get there on time. Also, if you feel you need to, bring a list of questions you can refer to during the interview.

Occasionally, a busy family will want to do a phone interview first. We will set up and all phone interviews for you. If a family calls you directly, without going through the Agency, please let us know.

A Second Interview

We have a very high job placement success rate, partially because we require a second interview or paid trial before you accept a position. All family members should be present at this second interview. It is often suggested that you wait until the second interview to discuss salary. If you are invited back for a second interview, it means a family is very interested in you. This interview will help you and the family make up your minds.

Sample questions for housekeepers, cooks, and other domestics to ask families:

  1. How old are your children? What are their names?
  2. What is their schedule? Daily routines?
  3. If children are in school, who drives them there? Who picks them up?
  4. What is the nanny’s schedule? Job duties?
  5. Will there be a car available for use on the job?
  6. Can you tell me more about your pets?
  7. For how long will you need a nanny?

Live-In applicants may want to ask about other nannies in the area, about proximity to stores, theaters, gym, etc. Live-in applicants may also want to ask about living quarters.

Salary, vacations, & holidays are usually — but not always — discussed during the second interview.

Make a list of questions pertaining to the jobs for which you are interviewing. Go over the list prior to your interview. 

Please remember that you are representing Hometown Nannies+. We will work our hardest to find you the job you want. In return, we expect professionalism and punctuality.